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The On-Demand Model’s Impact on Contingent Workforce Management: A Roundtable with Ardent Partners, KellyOCG and Shiftgig

From independent contractors and freelancers to hourly workers and professional services, a larger slice of the average enterprise’s total talent pool is being engaged in a real-time or on-demand manner.

These workers are actively contributing to mission-critical projects and service as valuable assets across many business functions. However, within today’s crowded staffing ecosystem, what is the true role of on-demand talent?

Join KellyOCG's Teresa Carroll and Shiftgig’s Wade Burgess as they not only discuss brand new research findings from Ardent Partners’ latest State of Contingent Workforce Management 2017-2018 research study, but also highlight:

  • How on-demand talent platforms are revolutionizing talent engagement strategies.
  • Why real-time talent decision-making is a core element in the Future of Work.
  • The role of “next-generation” solutions, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, in addressing how work is done, and;
  • How best-in-class enterprises are actively leveraging on-demand talent platforms to find, engage and source higher-quality workers.

Christopher Dwyer, Vice President, Research, Ardent Partners
Teresa Carroll, President, Global Talent Solutions, KellyOCG
Wade Burgess, CEO, Shiftgig

[Date] Wednesday, November 29, 2017
12pm - 1pm CT

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