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Segun, Hip-Hop Musician, Graphic Designer and Shiftgig Specialist

The hectic lifestyle of a musician is certainly never consistent or traditional. Balancing shows, public appearances and time to create new art requires a flexible schedule. At Shiftgig, Segun found just that.

IMG_8726-1.jpgKnown as Mista Dent, the Chicago hip-hop artist stays busy. A graduate of DePaul University’s Master of Science in Computer Graphics and Motion Technology, Segun frequently picks up freelancing work from other artists and musicians. He is also currently working on a part-time project with a DePaul University professor in Computer Science.

Segun came to Shiftgig through another Specialist and friend. He suggested that Segun consider Shiftgig based on his hard-to-predict schedule. Segun looked us up online, filled out an application and has been working as a Specialist for the past nine months.

“It’s a great job for somebody like me who has shows on different nights, who may be booking performances on certain nights of the week. My schedule is kind of up in the air. Shiftgig allows me the flexibility to schedule shifts around my careers as a musician and computer graphics artist.”

Segun picks up shifts, primarily dishwashing and serving, at different exciting locations all over the city of Chicago.  In fact, one of his passions (in addition to his seemingly never-ending list of projects and interests) is photographing different neighborhoods across the country, so he loves that Shiftgig allows him to see all sorts of different neighborhoods and locations for work.

“I like working with Shiftgig because of the flexibility and the ability to change the routine and type of work.” Currently, Segun picks up about two or three shifts per week and continues performing his underground hip-hop music.

Interested in hiring exceptional talent like Segun? Learn more about Shiftgig here. 

September 2, 2016 | shift_admin