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Meet Anthony: Chicago Cubs fan, Musician and Shiftgig Specialist

Finding a part-time job to balance with a full-time career as a musician is never easy. Pursuing the music industry requires flexibility, which is why on-demand work becomes a smart and easy option for many.

When aspiring musician Anthony heard about Shiftgig, he knew it was a perfect fit for his lifestyle. 20160618_091213-e1473362825767-640x438-c.jpgBorn and raised in Chicago, avid Cubs fan Anthony enjoys creating new blues/alternative music and hopes to continue in the industry. When he moved back to the Chicago area in May to be closer to his family, he sought out fast and flexible on-demand work to meet his needs as an up-and-coming musician. That’s when Anthony stumbled across Shiftgig’s website and jumped on the opportunity to interview with us.

“I knew I needed something fast and flexible... I found Shiftgig on a job website and it was perfect.”

Looking to gain new skills in the hospitality industry, Anthony loves all the opportunities Shiftgig offers. Though he’s only been with Shiftgig for a few months, he has already been recognized as an exceptional Specialist by many of our high-profile clients.

In addition to appreciating the flexibility and variety of shifts that Shiftgig offers, Anthony also enjoys making friends with other Specialists and coordinating their schedules to work the same shifts. Who wouldn’t love working at the hottest sporting events and concerts in the city with their friends?

Anthony picks up shifts whenever he needs to, averaging two shifts per week. Shiftgig could not be a better fit for him. “Bottom line," he says, "Shiftgig fits my lifestyle.”

When he’s not working or playing music, he volunteers with the Chicago 511 Club, benefiting Chicago’s firefighters and first responders.

Ready to hire hard-working Specialists like Anthony? Learn more here.

September 9, 2016 | shift_admin