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Shiftgig, Staffing Industry Analysts and Gesture Answer Your On-Demand Workforce Questions [Webinar Recap]

Last week, we participated in a webinar with Staffing Industry Analysts’ David Francis and our customer Jim Alvarez from Gesture. David kicked it off with a review of findings from SIA’s latest report on the gig economy, Measuring the Gig Economy: Inside the New Paradigm of Contingent Work.

Today, the gig economy can mean literally dozens of different types of work arrangements. There’s traditional temps in a warehouse or an office, consultants or a team performing work under a Statement of Work. There are also freelancers who tackle projects found online, or those who work one shift at a time for an hourly rate. It takes a sophisticated approach to talent management in order to supervise all of these workers alongside full- and part-time employees, interns and more.

Our thanks to Gesture CEO Jim Alvarez who provided a look inside his company’s use of Shiftgig Specialists for more than 1,000 shifts at 300+ events. Jim covered a high-level overview of our relationship, as well as how our business partnership, technology platform and metrics have helped transform his company’s events.

Download the slide deck and watch the webinar recording here.

October 20, 2016 | Tricia Cagua