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Beyond the Job: Account Management Team

Our “Beyond the Job” blog series gives you insight into what it’s like to work at Shiftgig. Learn about different positions at the company, our culture and more! Today, we’re speaking with Shannon Sivertsen, our Account Manager in Dallas. Welcome, Shannon!

How long have you been an Account Manager?

I have been an Account Manager for Shiftgig for about one year. I helped open the Dallas office in February 2015, and at that time I was working in Community Operations.

What’s your favorite part about being an Account Manager?

The role of an Account Manager is very challenging itself, but also very rewarding. Every day you come across new and different situations and challenges. The ability to solve complex or difficult situations gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

Can you briefly describe your day-to-day activities?

My day ALWAYS begins with a big ol’ cup of coffee! The beginning of each morning is spent reviewing orders from our clients, as well as organizing and structuring my day: who I need to call, what tasks need to be completed, and what is the most efficient way to get them all done.

Once I've prioritized my day, I connect with my team to plan how we can best accomplish our goals and get every shift filled. Throughout the rest of the day, I'll do everything from helping our clients with orders or other needs, to setting up new orders for the upcoming days and weeks. I think face-to-face communication is extremely important for Account Managers, so I'm usually meeting with our clients daily as well.

What has been your biggest learning experience in this role?

My biggest learning experience has been in how I build strong relationships with clients. I always want to guarantee that my clients trust me as their Account Manager, as well as trust Shiftgig as a whole. Unfortunately shifts or events can sometimes not go as planned, but having the strong relationships I have with my clients, they know I am only a phone call away and I will do everything in my power to find a resolution!

Can you share a story about your most successful or exciting moment on the job?

We had a large event with one of our catering company clients. At the last minute, they needed to increase their order by an additional 25 Specialists. I saw this challenge as an opportunity for us to show this client what sets Shiftgig apart, and exceed their expectations. My team banded together and hit the ground running, and we were able to get our client every one of those Specialists. As a result we are now this company’s preferred vendor!

What are the key attributes for success for your position or within the Account Management team?

Communication: I can’t stress how important it is to communicate clearly. This involves speaking up, ensuring you’re on the same page, and most importantly, listening. Clients count on you, so always be there for them no matter what they need, or when they need it.

Forming Relationships: Learn about customers and their business, and more importantly, the people who make up their team, family, and business. Never underestimate the importance of trying to get to know clients better on a personal level too. Rapport and trust are two core values when it comes to managing accounts.

Passion:  If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, and believe you can make a difference you will work harder, and have more success.

What's your favorite thing about working at Shiftgig?

I love Shiftgig because I love the catering industry and working for a start-up. Getting to be hands-on and make an impact while growing our office in the Dallas area really gives meaning to this job. I feel as though what I do has a direct correlation to helping this company grow, and it makes me proud to see how far we have come. I can't wait to see what will be next!

Does an Account Management position sound like a good fit for you? If so, check out our corporate job opportunities for the Account Management team here. We’d love to have you on our team!

October 26, 2016 | Kelly Hickey