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Three Reasons Why Veterans Are Ideal for On-Demand Work

Finding talented, hard-working, reliable workers is one of the most difficult aspects of business in any sector. Sure, it’s great to look at candidates with years of experience in your desired field, but you shouldn’t necessarily discount people with more of a diverse background. We’ve found that military veterans are particularly valuable in on-demand positions because they possess these three qualities.

1) They are easily adaptable.

Military personnel often have to pick up and relocate. With each move, they’ve had to quickly adjust to new environments, both personally and professionally. Because they’ve had to re-establish themselves often, the amount of time it takes them to get comfortable in a new role is minimal. Veterans can ramp up quickly and make a positive impact on the company sooner.

2) They are problem solvers.

Unexpected challenges are commonplace in the military field. Vets are often great problem solvers because they are able to anticipate issues before they escalate. They can think quickly on their feet, assess situations thoughtfully and overcome hurdles. These skills are essential when working in new work environments. Not only does it help employees, it’s a large asset to your company as well. Their critical thinking skills also help to establish trust, especially in the beginning. When they can quickly analyze a situation and generate the most effective solutions, they become a respected and dependable leader who can work independently and guide a team through a crisis.  

3) They are highly motivated.

Settling and taking the easy road are not in most veterans’ nature. When their life takes them to new places often, they only have themselves to rely on for motivation. Their dedication and strong work ethic is just another piece of evidence of heir professionalism and dependability. It’s beneficial for employers to know that these workers are proactive rather than waiting for directions and doing just enough to get by.

When bringing on hourly, on-demand workers, consider hiring a veteran.

November 12, 2016 | Kelly Hickey