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Meet Donald: Chicago Native, Real Estate Broker and Shiftgig Specialist

Anyone in the real estate industry knows that business can be, well, less than steady, which is why many full-time real estate brokers look to on-demand, flexible shift work to fill the gaps. Donald is one of those real estate brokers and he’s also one of Shiftgig’s all-star specialists.

A pure-bred Chicagoan, Donald has over 20 years of service industry experience in addition to his real estate brokers license. He’s cultivated quite the reputation in Chicago and says that it’s unusual for him to go walk down the street without running into someone he knows.

When Donald got his broker’s license, he decided he wanted to continue to work in the service industry, but knew he couldn’t unless he found flexible shifts. So, he applied to Shiftgig in May and has worked over 60 shifts since.

“I enjoy the fact that I am able to find shifts around my other job,” Donald told Shiftgig. “I’m working full-time, but still pick up 4 to 5 shifts a week, which is the best part. I can work around other jobs as well as drop a shift if I need to, given it’s within the proper time limit, of course.”

Through Shiftgig, Donald has been able to work as a bartender, cashier and server all over Chicago. His favorite gigs are at the Chicago Yacht Club with the skyline as his backdrop and at Chartwell at the University Center because he gets to work with his favorite team. Donald works for the money, of course, but also because it gives him the opportunity to work around people.

“It’s easier when you work in the hospitality business and you meet new people everyday,” he explained. “I’m a people person and I like have the opportunity to take care of my guests and also be a tour guide for them.”

When Donald isn’t working, he loves to spend time with the people he knows best. He often spends his spare hours with his family playing board games, watching movies and visiting theme parks. When Donald’s craving some alone time, he enjoys riding his bike on the lakeshore and sitting down for a nice meal at one of his many favorite Chicago restaurants. When we asked him which restaurants are his favorites, he laughed, “ I’m from Chicago with thousands of the best restaurants in the world, how could I possible choose.”

November 15, 2016 | Kelly Hickey