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Looking Ahead to 2017: Need-to-Know Compensation Trends for Experiential Marketing

As the New Year quickly approaches in the coming days, we’re here to conclude our blog series, “Looking Ahead to 2017: On-Demand Trends.” Don’t miss our previous posts on the retail industry, the foodservice industry and the hospitality industry.

A consumer's first experience with a product is everything. To ensure that this first encounter is just right, companies are relying more and more on experiential marketing, a form of marketing that allows consumers to experience a brand. In fact, 77% see it as a vital part of their brand’s advertising strategies.

What’s the easiest way for companies to make sure this strategy becomes a prominent part of their marketing plan? On-demand experiential marketing staff. The gig economy has increased by 27% over the last 20 years, and experiential marketing is a big piece of that.

This year Shiftgig and BookedOut by Shiftgig’s brand staff worked a total of 612,746 hours and are on track to work even more in the New Year. This means a ton of opportunity for both workers and companies.

Whether you’re a company looking into using on-demand experiential marketers, or if you are one yourself, it’s important to have a better understanding of the industry’s average rates. For that reason, Shiftgig is compiling a new report for 2017 that outlines the biggest trends in experiential marketing rates. This report is important not only for client budgeting purposes, but to make our Specialists’ work experience more profitable as well. We won’t be unveiling the full report until January, but here’s a quick sneak peek:

December is the most expensive month in the experiential marketing industry with a national average rate of $23.08 per hour. This makes sense, given the increased number of events around the holidays needing experienced staff. On the contrary, April is the least expensive month in the experiential marketing industry with a national average of $21.28 per hour.

Check back after the first of the year for the full report available for download.

December 22, 2016 | Tricia Cagua