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Transforming One NYC Employer’s On-Demand Workforce [NEW CASE STUDY]

Back-of-the-house positions (think dishwashers, line cooks, etc.) are traditionally difficult to fill. This “ode to the dishwasher” article does a fine job of explaining what they do - and why it might be the case that businesses struggle to fill these roles, consistently and effectively, day after day.  

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Event Recap: Staffing Industry Analysts’ First Annual “GigE”

We arrived back in town late last week from a trip to Staffing Industry Analysts’ first-time event, Collaboration in the Gig Economy. Affectionately called “GigE” by organizers and attendees alike, the event featured a great lineup of keynotes, sessions and networking opportunities.

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Beyond the Job: Product and Engineering Team

Our “Beyond the Job” blog series gives you insight into what it’s like to work at Shiftgig. Learn about different positions at the company, our culture and more! Today, we’re speaking with Jill Swanson, our Product Manager in Chicago. Welcome, Jill!

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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Workforce: [NEW INFOGRAPHIC]

Arguably nothing remains from the way work was done 30, even 20 years ago. Today the workforce is both young and old, entrepreneurial and team players, money-driven and flexible.

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Don’t Miss Us at the Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference in Las Vegas

Today marks Day One of Staffing Industry Analysts’ newest conference, Collaboration in the Gig Economy. SIA has been a pioneer in its dedication to covering this growing workforce segment, and we’re excited to see this event kick off.

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Shiftgig Has Acquired BookedOut!

Today we formally announced our acquisition of BookedOut, a mobile app that allows professionals like you to work experiential and event marketing shifts. You can read about the news on Built In Chicago here.

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Market Spotlight: Dallas

Today we're speaking with Marcia, Shiftgig’s General Manager for our Dallas office. Welcome, Marcia!

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The “Human Cloud” and What It Means for On-Demand Talent

Today on the blog we wanted to take a step back and revisit a report from leading research firm Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). The Workforce Solutions Ecosystem provides a nice, comprehensive lay of the land, and we thought it was worth sharing to provide a bit more context about where Shiftgig fits within the space.

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Solving the Hourly Worker Challenge, One On-Demand Worker at a Time

We read a post last week over on The Staffing Stream that brought to light some of the difficulties that organizations face when hiring and managing an hourly workforce.

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Meet Anthony: Chicago Cubs fan, Musician and Shiftgig Specialist

Finding a part-time job to balance with a full-time career as a musician is never easy. Pursuing the music industry requires flexibility, which is why on-demand work becomes a smart and easy option for many.

When aspiring musician Anthony heard about Shiftgig, he knew it was a perfect fit for his lifestyle. 

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Just Announced: We’re Headed to the Newest Gig Economy Conference by Staffing Industry Analysts

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be participating in Staffing Industry Analysts’ inaugural event focused on the gig economy. Happening Sept. 21-22, Collaboration in the Gig Economy will dive deeper into the talent supply chain.

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Segun, Hip-Hop Musician, Graphic Designer and Shiftgig Specialist

The hectic lifestyle of a musician is certainly never consistent or traditional. Balancing shows, public appearances and time to create new art requires a flexible schedule. At Shiftgig, Segun found just that.

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We've Moved!

We started as a company of 20 when we originally moved into 225 W Hubbard Ave, which was a huge and exciting step for us at the time. Fast forward nearly three years, and we've pivoted our business model from a web social network to a mobile on-demand marketplace.  

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Meet Our Clients: Techweek

This summer, we had the privilege of kicking off our relationship with Techweek right here in Chicago.

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Beyond the Job: Inside Sales Representative

Our “Beyond the Job” blog series gives you insight into what it's like to work at Shiftgig. Learn about different positions at the company, culture and more!

Today, we're speaking with Mike Ponticelli -- “Ponch”, an Inside Sales Representative in Chicago who has been with the company for over two years. Welcome, Ponch!

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