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FAQ: Creating, Editing and Managing Orders in Shiftgig

With a busy schedule, you need a fast, reliable way to find temporary workers. At Shiftgig, we aim to create a user-friendly and intuitive experience that takes away the burden of finding on-demand labor and puts your focus back on the things that matter.

Placing an order is the first step in connecting with gig workers on our app (whom we call Specialists.) We hosted a recent Shiftgig 101 webinar where our team of experts talked through this quick process and we wanted to share some of the basics here.

How do you create an order in Shiftgig?

First things first, we recommend creating an order in our app as far in advance as possible, which will increase the likelihood of your shifts being filled.  Our mobile-first approach means you can do everything from the convenience of your iOS or Android. In a few clicks, you’re able to place orders for either a single day shift, or for work taking place over multiple days. Before you create your order, make sure to have the location, position, pay rate, start and end times, and dates needed.

While the logistics for a shift are important, we recommend crafting a shift description that will stand out to our Specialists. Include any relevant details that could make the gig more appealing such as free meals or parking. Keeping it concise and clear helps Specialists quickly assess whether or not to pick up the shift.

Shiftgig is designed to be as flexible as you need. Our app:

  • Allows flexibility with order editing and accommodates last-minute orders
  • Enables faster processes and process efficiencies through template creation
  • Provides transparency and real-time visibility into claim rates

You can get step-by-step walkthroughs on how to place orders on web and via the Shiftgig mobile app.

How do you create a template?

The Template feature enables you to create orders more quickly and efficiently. We recommend creating a template for any orders happening on a regular basis. For example, one Shiftgig customer in the hospitality industry uses Shiftgig Specialists for the hundreds of events they manage each year. The company has created Templates for bartenders, servers and porters so they’re not re-entering the same information each time a need arises. With the volume of events this year, the company has found this feature invaluable as they’re able to save time and resources by simply using Templates to create orders.

Learn more about creating a template in Shiftgig.

How do you edit an order?

Needs change. When there’s a change to an order -- whether it’s an updated start time, different uniform requirements or a new on-site contact -- you want to make sure workers are in the loop. Our simple interface allows you to quickly find and make changes to shifts.

You can update orders up to 48 hours before the shift’s start time on web, your iOS or Android. Here’s what it means for you:

  • More control: You don’t have to rely on our team to update orders. Increasing the quantity, editing the start time, changes to the shift description, on-site contact, meeting location, required equipment, uniform, etc. are all in your hands.
  • Better communication: When a shift has been updated, Shiftgig Specialists will be notified immediately and be better prepared to work.

Check out step-by-step instructions for editing an order in Shiftgig.

The next webinar in our Shiftgig 101 series will outline how to create a team of All Star gig workers using Shiftgig. You can register for the webinar here, with details to follow in the next few weeks.


May 23, 2018 | Andrea Weinfurt