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Feature Focus: Scheduling A Shift

Whether you’re a Shiftgig client looking for a refresher, or interested in learning how to embrace technology to meet your staffing needs, our new monthly blog series, Feature Focus, is here to guide you.  

To kick off this new series, we’re starting with the basics: how to schedule shifts and begin accessing our pool of qualified workers.

Taking advantage of the Shiftgig app or web-based platform to fill your on-demand work needs empowers you to take control. It helps meet your work needs faster and on your terms, while also allowing for immediate feedback that workers are picking up your shifts.

Scheduling your on-demand work needs is great for...

  • Hospitality: a hotel in need of housekeepers to help cover a fully booked, holiday weekend.
  • Foodservice: catering companies in need of servers for a large-scale event.
  • Warehouse: seasonal push leads to a need for added picker packers in a distribution center.

Pro Tips from Shiftgig

Set Your Shift Up For Success

Our goal is to make sure Specialists have all of the information they need to be successful during a shift. We’ve built our scheduling feature to empower you, the client, to provide all of the information needed for potential Specialists upfront including what time to arrive, where to go, who to report to, what uniform to wear, and much more. These details will help ensure Specialists who pick up the shift will show up on-time, ready-to-go, and ultimately succeed.

Also, it’s important to remember you are posting a shift into our marketplace and it’s essential to provide comprehensive information. The more simple and informative your shift is, the better chance it has to be of interest to potential Specialists.  

Feature Focus - Scheduling Shift screenshot.png

The Best Time For Scheduling a Shift

While Shiftgig can help fill your last minute shift needs, we encourage clients to schedule their shift sooner rather than later. This allows Shiftgig and their pool of workers more time to fill the shift. If you know busy season is coming up or that a client of yours is in need of extra support, it’s beneficial for you to schedule the shift as soon as possible.

What’s Next

To help address your needs for scheduling work over multiple days, we will soon be announcing a helpful tool to make things even easier. Stay tuned after the launch for a full post on how to use the new feature.

In the meantime, check back next month to learn exactly what Shiftgig did to make the ordering process as quick and easy as possible.

Ready to start using Shiftgig’s technology to tap into talent?



August 8, 2017 | Shelby Eversole