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Gig Economy News At A Glance: April 5, 2018

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain continue to be top of mind for the HR industry. With uncertainty in how and when it will affect day-to-day business operations, conversations about the technologies continue to evolve. Explore this and more in the articles below.

Gig Work Becoming ‘New Normal’ Kelly Research Finds

New research from Kelly Services finds 65% of talent and hiring managers stated the gig economy is becoming the new normal for how businesses organize work. Read more about the report’s findings in this SIA Daily news article.

How To Thrive In The Gig Economy

Who is the next big wave of gig workers? Baby boomers. Olga Mizrahi, author of “The Gig is Up,” offers them advice on how to get the most out of gig work in this Forbes Q&A story.

How Companies are Using Labor Clouds to Transform Their Workforce

The pressure is on for companies to function smarter, faster and more productively. One thing that’s helping them do just that is labor clouds. Learn how your organization can benefit from them.

Blockchains and Recruiting. Transformative Technology or Just a Buzzword?

What is blockchain technology? How will it affect the recruitment industry? Will it transform my business? This ERE story has the answers.

11 Common Myths About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency You Shouldn’t Believe

Hear the truth about blockchain from 11 technology leaders in this Forbes roundup. As our CEO says, “As with most early technologies, the initial use cases, interfaces and content are overrated but the underlying technologies are underrated.”

Why the talent management revolution pivots on AI for HR

Read how artificial intelligence will be a disruptor for the HR industry and the importance of creating a business strategy to embrace this change in an interview with award-winning co-author of “The Future Workplace Experience,” Jeanne Meister.

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April 5, 2018 | Shelby Eversole