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Gig Economy News at a Glance: November 29, 2018

Missing out on popular gig economy news? We’ve got you covered. Read highlights from the latest stories to keep you up-to-date on industry happenings.

How to Invest as a Freelancer in the Gig Economy

Don’t have a company 401(k)? Don’t worry -- you can still find ways to invest wisely as a gig worker.

How the Gig Economy Helps Boost Diversity

The untethered nature of many gig jobs lets people from all over the world connect in new ways. It’s a great way to find the best talent and a fun way to expand your horizons.

The Gig Economy: Is It Worth It to Forgo a Nine-to-Five?

A gig job is a great side hustle, but can you really ditch the day job? Read about the pros and cons.

Why the Gig Economy Keeps Growing

‘Tis the season for gig jobs at retail outlets, and it shows no sign of slowing down after the holidays.

The Big Changes Colleges are Making to Help Art Students Snag Jobs in America’s Gig Economy

Educating art students so they can succeed in the gig economy is an important part of their real-world training.  

November 29, 2018 | Catarina Duguay