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How the Gig Economy Can Help your Business this Summer

With warm, summer days ahead, many business owners are looking for ways to fill potential gaps in their shift schedules. Between vacation planning and the sometimes-erratic summer schedules of parents with young children home from school, it can be a minefield to ensure each shift is covered, seven days a week.

Thankfully, when school is out for the summer it also means college students are looking for ways to make additional income. For business owners, this means a wider talent pool of available workers - from servers and cooks to picker packers and customer service reps - who can fill in and keep operations running smoothly.

Here are just a few reasons why on-demand workers are a good solution for your business this summer.

Wide Base of Workers

Each year between April and July, millions of young people flood the workforce. Whether they’re looking for temporary gigs until school starts again, or they’ve just graduated and are looking to start earning money right away, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that in 2016 an additional 1.9 million workers were on the market.

For businesses, this is great news. It means the pool of potential workers widens in the summer months, giving them more opportunity to fill schedule gaps, and find eager workers to pick up additional shifts that fit in their schedule.

Flexible Schedules

While hiring temporary workers gives your full-time workers the flexibility to take their summer vacations, the reverse is also true for those working in today’s gig economy. By booking shifts through an app like Shiftgig, workers can choose when and where they pick up work – leaving  time for their own family vacation or to care for out-of-school children as well.

Additionally, this article in the Financial Post details how on-demand work allows students the opportunity to make money while balancing their schedules – whether that’s summertime relaxing, or catching up on school work.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a small business looking to fill a few shifts, or a large enterprise in need of an integrated solution, Shiftgig can work with you to fulfill your unique workforce needs.

While we work with smaller businesses who can access our app whenever, wherever the need arises, we also partner will large firms to fill a higher volume of shifts by integrating to their existing back-office tool. It’s the best of both worlds, and a flexible solution whether your needs are seasonal or ongoing.

Start finding summer workers today! 



April 20, 2017 | Leslie Boehms