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My Journey to Becoming a Female Leader in the Staffing Industry

Andrea Wagner, Vice President of Sales at Shiftgig, was recently named one of Staffing Industry Analysts’ Global Power — 100 Women In Staffing. Below she reflects on her career in the industry so far and what this honor means to her.

The truth is, like most of us in the staffing industry, I didn’t graduate college thinking I would go work for a staffing company. Instead I was a liberal arts graduate with an expensive degree and not a clue of what I wanted to do with it. Of course, my parents were convinced I would never find a job and be living in their house forever. But that didn’t happen.

Instead, a friend of mine, who was working in the industry, knew I was looking for a job and asked, “Why don’t you try out staffing?” Truthfully, I didn’t even know what staffing meant but it was a job, so I decided to go all in.

At first, I was running the front desk of a staffing company. I cut payroll, I turned in the advertisements to run in the newspapers, then eventually worked my way into recruiting and selling and haven’t stopped since.

The road to where I am now in my career however wasn’t always easy. While there has been significant improvements over the years to help women climb the ladder in corporate America, there are still struggles that we have to go through.

Luckily, the generations of women before us proved that we can work full time, grow our careers and raise a family without losing our minds. And fortunately for me, I have had amazing women mentor me on how to ask for help, without feeling shame, and how to get the support I need to continue advancing my career.

Now I have 20 years of experience and find myself at the forefront of what the staffing industry has been talking about and wishing for over the last ten years. That’s right, I’m talking about automation.

Today I’m working for a company where everything I have done throughout my career is built into a mobile app called Shiftgig. Shiftgig is the leading mobile technology platform that connects businesses with high-quality, vetted hourly workers on demand. We are using data science to predict behavior in order to better produce successful work outcomes.

Andrea_SIA-01 (1)-1.png

wasn’t two weeks into this job as Vice President of Sales at Shiftgig when our Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Eddie Lou, approached me saying he would like to nominate me for the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Global Power — 100 Women in Staffing list. My first thought was, “But I haven’t done anything yet.” My second thought was, be grateful for the nomination as you’ve already done great things to impact the staffing industry and will continue to do great things in this new role.

That confidence comes from my experience over the last 20 years and from learning that it’s okay to make mistakes along the way. I knew that I would make an impact at Shiftgig, not alone, but alongside my peers, my fellow Shiftgig employees, our workers, and our forward-thinking clients. Without them, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be successful in this role.

In fact, I’m thrilled to have built a team of mostly female sales executives to help change the way businesses think about staffing. My team has demonstrated that they can build authentic relationships with our clients to help them and the company succeed.

As one of the Global Power — 100 Women in Staffing, I feel proud to represent all women in the industry who work hard each day to put people to work and change lives.

This career defining award is not the signal of the end of my journey but rather the turning of a new page. It’s one where I, as a woman, am helping lead a new way for people to find work. I didn’t come this far in the staffing industry to stop reaching for new heights.

It has been an amazing journey so far but I am just getting started.

If you’re interested in joining Andrea and our incredible team of technology leaders, check out our open jobs.



October 11, 2017 | Andrea Wagner