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Side Effect of the Gig Economy: Creating A New Kind of Worker

In the third and final post of our blog series on the “side effects” of the gig economy, we’re turning our attention to how it affects workers themselves. (Don’t miss our take on how the gig economy has impacted HR executives and managers.)

Today, the American dream doesn’t always include a long career at a single organization. Today, workers have options, and with that, can and will re-invent themselves many times throughout the course of their working life.

If it seems as though the gig economy has created limitless ways to find work, it’s because it has. Today’s mobile, on-demand world means that people can access work at their fingertips. Want to make money driving people around? Try Uber or Lyft. Are you a makeup or nail artist available for gigs? Check out The Glam App. Want to work on a per-shift basis in warehousing, foodservice, retail or more? Shiftgig has you covered.

Basically, there’s an app for that. And that. And that.

Let’s look at how today’s workers have changed as a result of the flexibility afforded by the gig economy.

They are choosy. Because there are so many options for work across all skill levels, today’s workers don’t have to settle for full- or even part-time jobs that don’t fit their lifestyle. When more traditional work feels too restrictive, many people turn to gigs to earn cash without compromising their schedules.

They take risks. The gig economy provides an excellent safety net for entrepreneurs who are looking to chase their dreams. At Shiftgig, we have many Specialists who pick up shifts for steady income while they try to “make it big” in other industries. Segun is a great example of one of those Specialists – read about him here.

They are experienced. Those who take advantage of the gig economy are able to learn skills and gain experience at a faster rate than traditional employees. On-the-job training is invaluable for those looking to break into new industries or simply sharpen their skillset.

Start getting talent on tap with Shiftgig today.



June 23, 2017 | Shelby Eversole