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Talking 2017 with Shiftgig CEO Eddie Lou

Welcome to 2017! We thought it would be fun to kick off the year with an interview with our CEO, Eddie Lou. We’ve asked for him to share what’s in store for Shiftgig in 2017 and what makes him excited for the year ahead.



Cheers to a brand new year! Is there a theme for Shiftgig in 2017?

In a word, it would be growth. In three words, it would be significant, sustainable growth. Last year was really about laying the groundwork to execute on an aggressive growth strategy in 2017. We added four new cities in 2016 and have plans to double that number this year. We’ll continue diversifying the shifts we offer with more activity in the hotel, retail,experiential marketing, and  e-commerce/logistics warehouse industries. New markets and industries mean more clients and Specialists. We’re looking forward to upping our game and advancing the on-demand workforce industry in 2017.

What’s new on the technology front?

We did a lot of work behind the scenes to make our technology better for both clients and Specialists, from making the app to be more self-service and information-rich to tweaking our technology to enable smarter shift-Specialist matches. We’re excited to see those features and new functionality in action over the next few months, and we have even more up our sleeves… stay tuned for big announcements coming from us this year.

How has Shiftgig’s acquisition of BookedOut changed your approach to experiential marketing?

I wouldn’t say that the acquisition changed our approach, rather, it expedited our plans. Jay [Lenstrom] and his team have embraced our mission and values and have brought a new energy to the company. Together, we are the leader in the experiential marketing vertical since we tripled in size in revenue, major agency clients and dedicated team members. We’re excited to see just how far we can go together in 2017.

Aside from continued business success, what else gets you excited for the year ahead? 

Helming a successful start-up that provides jobs is one thing, but having the ability to make a real social impact is even better. Because of the nature of our business – connecting workers to shifts – we create financial opportunities for thousands of people. The collection of success stories from our Specialists makes working at Shiftgig incredibly rewarding. That just never gets old.

One last question, just for fun: Do you have a personal New Year’s resolution to share?

Spend more time with people that really matter. Life passes too quickly to spend time with people that are insincere or toxic. Time is precious so I’d like to spend more of it with people I care deeply about.

January 9, 2017 | Kelly Hickey