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The Disruption of Procurement with the Spend Matters 50/50 List

Each year, Spend Matters creates a 50/50 list highlighting the providers that are disrupting the procurement industry and this year, we are happy to announce that Shiftgig has been named to the 2017 50 Providers to Watch list for the first time.

The list features the companies that are influencing the procurement industry with new technologies and innovations to ease the way you do business. We are especially proud of this recognition because it highlights the impact that Shiftgig has on driving the gig economy

We are helping companies tap into a reliable, top-quality workforce so they have time to focus on running their business. Our technology uses predictive intelligence to match qualified workers to open shifts. And, our opt-in model means higher fill rates and more dependable workers.

Shiftgig’s technology-first model is just one example of the digital transformation happening in the procurement industry, with most experts predicting that how well companies embrace new processes will determine their fate.

  • According to this Deloitte report, 90% of surveyed CPOs believe their industries will be disrupted by digital technology, while only 44% are adequately preparing for these disruptions.
  • "If procurement is to remain relevant in 2017, it must embrace the tenets of digital transformation," The Hackett Group concludes. "A lack of confidence by the business about its ability to execute digital transformation brings procurement both opportunities and challenges."
  • “New approaches at the executive level will shape the future of the workplace (such as embracing the Gig Economy, relying more and more on non-employee talent, and welcoming technological change).” according to this CPO Rising article.
  • Spend Matters themselves conducted research around the use of the contingent workforce and found that “...there is some reason to think that contingent workforce management and services procurement may face a higher chance of disruption (like taxi cabs), if it does not begin to transform itself…”

As you can see, there is a lot of disruption happening in the procurement industry but the question of whether businesses are prepared to handle this disruption remains. We encourage you to look through the 2017 Spend Matters 50/50 list to see what technologies are available to help improve your procurement process.

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May 25, 2017 | Shelby Eversole