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Five Ways to Make Gig Workers Feel More Comfortable On the Job

Starting a new job can be stressful, especially for gig workers. Studies show that we’re hardwired to feel nervous at a new job and we’ve heard from our Specialists that many feel anxiety when picking up their first shift. But easing their stress and setting them up for success is easier than you think. Here are five tips to make workers feel better prepared. When they feel more comfortable, they’re more likely do do a better job and pick up future shifts.

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Here’s One Thing Gig Workers Love About On-Demand Work

According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the reasons people enjoy working in the gig economy is the variety of opportunities. Shiftgig partners with clients in several industries so Specialists have access to a diverse set of flexible shifts. We spoke to nine Specialists about their experience working with our clients -- here’s what they had to say:

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The Voice of Freedom

Our CEO, Wade Burgess, takes over the blog today to share how he plans to advocate for the gig worker, freelancer, and independent contractor.

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Meet Sabrina: Shiftgig Specialist Turned Community Operations Professional

Some Specialists choose to work for Shiftgig for consistent opportunities, while others are looking to fill gaps in their schedules in between other work. Sabrina Holt was the latter, that is until she was promoted to a full-time Shiftgig Community Operations professional.

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Meet Shana: Mom, Teacher Leadership Expert and Shiftgig Specialist

It’s not at all uncommon for moms to use their precious (and well-deserved) spare time for on-demand work. In fact, at Shiftgig, we have found that some of our top-performing Specialists are also full-time mothers. 

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Meet Genetta Lillian: Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model and Shiftgig Specialist

Born and raised in Memphis, Genetta Lillian has established herself as a professional model and brand ambassador. She considers herself creative and never had a problem being in front of people growing up.

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Meet Pavida: The Army Soldier and Shiftgig Specialist Who Worked Our 250,000th Shift

Pavida is a New York City transplant who has risen to the unexpected challenges she has faced throughout her life. She is honest, hardworking, and also happens to be the Shiftgig Specialist who worked our 250,000th shift.

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Meet Donald: Chicago Native, Real Estate Broker and Shiftgig Specialist

Anyone in the real estate industry knows that business can be, well, less than steady, which is why many full-time real estate brokers look to on-demand, flexible shift work to fill the gaps. Donald is one of those real estate brokers and he’s also one of Shiftgig’s all-star specialists.

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Three Reasons Why Veterans Are Ideal for On-Demand Work

Finding talented, hard-working, reliable workers is one of the most difficult aspects of business in any sector. Sure, it’s great to look at candidates with years of experience in your desired field, but you shouldn’t necessarily discount people with more of a diverse background.

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