Shiftgig is revolutionizing the experiential space. With a foundation built on deep industry knowledge and innovative leadership, our powerful mobile platform seamlessly connects agencies with the growing brand staff community, and helps them manage engagements from inception to completion.

To date, we’ve activated over 3.1 million event hours, proudly providing tens of thousands of talented people with opportunities to put their skills to use, earn extra income, and grow their experience & professional networks.


Connect with dedicated
account teams 7 days/week


Access the largest pool of
high-quality talent available


Customize talent pools to
align with your goals

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Evaluate all new candidates
to ensure a seamless fit


Match talent to the
right activations


Weekly pay keeps talent
happy and coming back


We’re continuously working to build intelligent technology that helps you redefine talent.

Using a data-driven approach, our platform offers insight into the success of your campaigns, empowering your team to make more informed decisions about future engagements and resources.



quotemarks_Green.pngI've worked with thousands of successful event campaigns, but the Brand Ambassadors have never been recognized with an award for their efforts. I've always felt that if we do what's right for the BAs, the business and success will follow. We thank Event Marketer for supporting this community, and it is an honor to give out the first award of its kind.quotemarks_Gray.png

- Jay Lenstrom, SVP of Experiential



The Future of Experiential

In September 2016, Shiftgig acquired BookedOut, and now works toward their shared vision of connecting millions of people with millions of shifts.

While experiential marketing is Shiftgig's largest vertical, we also provide talent to businesses in the retail, warehouse & logistics, foodservice & hospitality, hotel, and customer service spaces.